Bearcoon Celebrates New Album, Upcoming Tour With Live Performance Thursday at Fingerprints

by MATT COHN JUNE 02 2015 09:52 in MUSIC

Bearcoon: Solange Igoa (left) and Andrea Walker (right). Photo by Lindsay Ingram.

This Thursday night at Fingerprints, local music lovers will have a chance to hear the songs Bearcoon will soon be playing nationwide. Solange Igoa and Andrea Walker, who are revving up for Bearcoon’s first-ever tour, will be presenting offerings from their newly released debut album, “El Guapo.”

“We can’t wait to hit the road,” said Walker, the guitar-playing, songwriting half of Bearcoon. “We’re ready to let go of our day jobs and make an honest go at making a full-time living from our music.”

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Buskerfest-Winning Duo Bearcoon Completes Debut Album

by MATT COHN FEBRUARY 11 2015 15:21 in MUSIC

BEARCOON in the studio
Bearcoon’s Andrea Walker (left) and Solange Igoa (right) listening to a playback at The Compound. Photos by Lindsey Ingram.

Long Beach musicians Andrea Walker and Solange Igoa—collectively known as Bearcoon—have just parlayed their winnings from last summer’s Long Beach Buskerfest concert/contest into a nine-song album, “El Guapo,” produced by Long Beach music mainstay Antoine Arvizu.

Buskerfest is the end-of-summer grand finale of the Summer And Music concert series, which was created by Justin Hectus and Fingerprints Records owner Rand Foster. “The original idea of Buskerfest was to feature simple, stripped-down live music,” says Foster. “In an age of gimmicks and stylists, it’s great to have a band succeed on the strength of their songs and a dynamic live performance.”

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