Monday, September 21, 2015
Folk Revival Fest 2015

BEARCOON - Long Beach Folk Revival festival, courtesy of Under the Rosemary, Sylvana Uribe

Bearcoon performing at Folk Revival Fest on the Showcase Stage on Sept. 19

Now in its third year, The Long Beach Folk Revival festival took over Rainbow Lagoon Park on September 19. My friend and I scored free tickets to the festival courtesy of the Long Beach Post and we took the opportunity to cover the event for one of our university’s newspapers *cough* The Union Weekly *cough* (no, seriously, go check out full length coverage and other fun reads at

The musicians scheduled to perform encompassed the genres of folk, roots, bluegrass and Americana. While all of the groups were fun to dance and sing along to, there were two acts in particular that gave me chills. The first being Posessed by Paul James, a one-man act who sings and switches up instruments which include the violin, banjo and guitar. Behind this act is Konrad Wert, who spends his days meeting with teachers and elected officials to address issues in special needs education and his nights singing onstage. To read more about Wert’s projects and mission, click here.

The second act I gushed over were Buskerfest 2014 winners, Bearcoon. Solange Igoa and Andrea Walker performed a set that felt inviting and intimate, so much so that I would forget I was standing in a audience of over 50 people– I’m not good at math, but there were A LOT of people. Scout’s honor.

As I swayed and tried not to trip over the roots of the tree providing me with shade, I allowed myself to get lost in the music and not focus as much on getting the “right” social media worthy photo– it’s nice to live in the moment. Also worth mentioning is that I bought Bearcoon’s album, El Guapo, and have been listening to it nonstop. And as I write this. Here you go:

One aspect I was really drawn to was the sense of community that was present as local businesses and clubs participated in the festivities. Whether they were musicians or artists, I met people who were open to a simple exchange of words. It was unique to see a humble and grounded side of people I had dubbed as local celebs.


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